Post Doc

Jian Wang

Jian's motto is '1+1>2'. Jian's hobby is traveling to somewhere he has never been and experiencing new things. Jian really loves spicy hot food. 

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"Faster, Stronger, Better"


Chiwon Kang

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Graduate Students

Jinkyu Chung

Jinkyu's motto is "가화만사성", which means as your family is peaceful, everything goes well and you can attain many goals. He really loves playing basketball, so anyone who likes playing basketball call Jinkyu. Also, his favorite food is sushi.  

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"Nice to meet you"

Sugeun Jo

Sugeun's hobby is extraordinary. 

He loves traveling but not as usual. He loves 'road view traveling'. He uses Google Earth app street viewing mode to travel all around the world in his own bed. He really loves samgyeopsal(pork belly). 

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"Be happy"

Bonho loves traveling and reading poems in his free time. He has lots of favorites. His motto is 'Live happy life'.

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Hyejeong Hyun

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Subin Choi

Subin's motto for her life is 'Be a person who adorns one's fate and value of life'. She likes collecting records, which is old-version album, and listening to music. She is a bread-lover and loves food with red beans. 

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"Festina Lente"


Juwon Kim

Juwon's hobby is drawing but not like normal drawing, he would rather draw images popped up in his brain. His favorite food is tteokbokki(spicy red pepper sauce with rice cake), and pasta. His motto is 'As soon as sun comes out, I run.'

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"Happy life"


JunHo Bae

Junho loves Samgyeopsal as Sugeun does. When he has some free time, he listens to music. His motto is 'Be honest, be faithful, and be diligent'. 

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Hwiho Kim

Hwiho's hobby is traveling like many people do. He is a fan of taco. His motto is 'Do it now'. As his motto says, he is really a hard-worker.

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"Live happily"


Danwon Lee

Danwon's motto is 'Live happy life'. His hobby is watching online comics. Rather than favoring 'food', he loves blueberry yogurt.

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Yongjoon Kim

Yongjoon is a fan of baseball. He loves watching baseball match. Also, he loves cooking and for food, steak. He usually grills steak in his room. His motto is 'Everything comes out of mind'.

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"My hobby is watching baseball game and cooking"


Ikcheon Na

IkCheon's full name could be written with chemical symbols (Na, I, K, C, He, O, N). He usually goes for a walk when relieves stress. While he walks, he also loves listening to music. His motto is 'it always seems impossible until its done.'

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"It always seems impossible until it's done"


Jeongwoo Han

Jeongwoo loves coffee so we can usually see he is making coffee in office. He loves naengmyeon(cold noodle). His motto is 'Do not lose the basics'.

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"Anyone who wants to go and eat naengmyeon?"


Sungjae Seo

Sungjae's hobby is listening to music and traveling. He loves tteokbokki. His motto is 'Do not hurry and be positive'.

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"Be a happy day and smile as usual"


Junyeob Moon

Junyeob loves pizza. Peperoni, bulgogi, steak, combination etc, everything. He usually does exercise in gym. Also his favorite time is night, sleeping time. His motto is 'Do your best'.

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Gandionco, Karl Adrian.jpg

Karl Adrian Gandionco

Karl is an avid fan of indoor volleyball. He idolizes Zhu Ting, Kim Yeon-koung, Yuki Ishikawa, and Bruno Rezende. Karl also loves to listen to music. His life is greatly inspired by the songs of Hillsong and of Regine Velasquez. His motto is 'Dream and make it happen'.

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"Dream and make it happen"


Jeongho Cho

Jeongho's favorite food is naengmyeon as Jeongwoo does. He really loves eating some delicious food and listening famous female musician's song. His motto is 'Do my best to do what I want to do'.

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"Do my best to do what I want to do"


Munsoo Song

Munsoo likes watching Nexflix and listening to music in my free time.
He does not have food preference.
His motto is "Caminante, no hay camino, se hace camino al andar", which can be translated as "Walker, there is no path, you make it as you walk."

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"Walker, there is no path, you make it as you walk"

Visiting Students


Chihyun Nam


Dongok Kim


Seohee Jang


Yumin Heo


Hanseul Jang


Bonwoo Koo


Aleksandr Riabin


Sanhae Hwang

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